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Vascello Fantasma Extra – Liberta

Love x Comedy Love x Comedy is kind of an extra event that you get after each ending. In this extra episode, depending on your choices you can either make the situation into a romantic situation or a comedic situation ^_^ Love x Comedy 1 Felicita and Liberta was going for a date, but not […]

Vascello Fantasma Extra – Ash

So after much consideration, I decided to put all the extra episodes on a different post. There’s actually a lot of extra episodes and scenes in Vascello Fantasma since it’s a Special Episodio, so I feel like if I put everything on one post it’s going to be super long. Love x Comedy Love x […]

Vascello Fantasma – Ash

Yay finally this blog has more than 5 post! I blame my sleeplessness and my non-productivity while waiting for a phone call for an interview… My day and night have been reversed so it’s currently 6:30 AM right now and I haven’t slept. Well I guess that’s normal since I woke up at 2PM yesterday. […]

Vascello Fantasma – Liberta

Well real life has been a pretty mean little monster, and I got caught up playing TMGS 3 Premium and Pokemon Black, so this post is kind of late. Well, really late. Heh. Heheheh. But anyway, Liberta was actually the third route that I did, but for the sake of understanding the story I think […]

Arcana Famiglia Vascello Fantasma System

Before I go into the routes, let’s talk a little bit about the system. The game progress is similar to the first game, only instead of a day-to-day interaction basis like the first game, you get to choose whose route you want to play from the beginning. As you choose the character, you’ll be given […]

Arcana Famiglia Vascello Fantasma Prologue

This is the game that actually made me want to start this blog in the first place. Let me begin by saying I freaking love Arcana Famiglia. I played a bunch of Otome game in my lifetime and even though I have to say I’m not even nearly as good or discerning as other otoge […]