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Vascello Fantasma Extra – Liberta

Love x Comedy Love x Comedy is kind of an extra event that you get after each ending. In this extra episode, depending on your choices you can either make the situation into a romantic situation or a comedic situation ^_^ Love x Comedy 1 Felicita and Liberta was going for a date, but not […]

Arcana Famiglia Festa Regalo Drama CD

How are you guys doing in this crazy heat? Me I’m pretty much confined in my room with electric fan pointed straight to my face. It’s constantly been 90-95 degrees for two weeks. I recently got my hand on a copy of the Festa Regalo drama CD I told you guys about and while I’m […]

Vascello Fantasma Extra – Ash

So after much consideration, I decided to put all the extra episodes on a different post. There’s actually a lot of extra episodes and scenes in Vascello Fantasma since it’s a Special Episodio, so I feel like if I put everything on one post it’s going to be super long. Love x Comedy Love x […]

Vascello Fantasma – Ash

Yay finally this blog has more than 5 post! I blame my sleeplessness and my non-productivity while waiting for a phone call for an interview… My day and night have been reversed so it’s currently 6:30 AM right now and I haven’t slept. Well I guess that’s normal since I woke up at 2PM yesterday. […]

Arcana Famiglia Festa Regalo

They announced the second Special Episodio for Arcana Famiglia! The special episode, dubbed Festa Regalo seem to be a more mini-game-ish with cooking as the theme. The guys will team up with Felicita in the ultimate Regalo cooking battle. It will be released for PSP in 2012 but no specific release date has been announced […]

Vascello Fantasma – Liberta

Well real life has been a pretty mean little monster, and I got caught up playing TMGS 3 Premium and Pokemon Black, so this post is kind of late. Well, really late. Heh. Heheheh. But anyway, Liberta was actually the third route that I did, but for the sake of understanding the story I think […]

Arcana Famiglia Vascello Fantasma System

Before I go into the routes, let’s talk a little bit about the system. The game progress is similar to the first game, only instead of a day-to-day interaction basis like the first game, you get to choose whose route you want to play from the beginning. As you choose the character, you’ll be given […]

Arcana Famiglia Vascello Fantasma Prologue

This is the game that actually made me want to start this blog in the first place. Let me begin by saying I freaking love Arcana Famiglia. I played a bunch of Otome game in my lifetime and even though I have to say I’m not even nearly as good or discerning as other otoge […]