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Arcana Famiglia Festa Regalo Drama CD

How are you guys doing in this crazy heat? Me I’m pretty much confined in my room with electric fan pointed straight to my face. It’s constantly been 90-95 degrees for two weeks. I recently got my hand on a copy of the Festa Regalo drama CD I told you guys about and while I’m […]

Arcana Famiglia Festa Regalo

They announced the second Special Episodio for Arcana Famiglia! The special episode, dubbed Festa Regalo seem to be a more mini-game-ish with cooking as the theme. The guys will team up with Felicita in the ultimate Regalo cooking battle. It will be released for PSP in 2012 but no specific release date has been announced […]

So It Has Come to This

I never considered myself a veteran in otome nor any otaku matter. In fact I always find myself only ankle deep in any fandom, and maybe knee deep in some very special fandoms. Such, even in otome and situation CDs there are some that I still steer clear from, on the grounds that I think […]