Vascello Fantasma Extra – Liberta

Love x Comedy

Love x Comedy is kind of an extra event that you get after each ending. In this extra episode, depending on your choices you can either make the situation into a romantic situation or a comedic situation ^_^

Love x Comedy 1

Felicita and Liberta was going for a date, but not without Dante telling him not to stay out too late. Liberta told him that he’s not a kid so he’ll be fine. Dante’s still worried because this is Liberta they’re talking about LOL. They have work tomorrow so he told them not to overdo it.

Liberta and Fel went to the beach. He wanted to go a little bit further, but Dante just told them not to overdo it so they’re just gonna hang out around there. Liberta asked where Felicita wants to go.


たまにはゆっくりしたい >  Sometimes I want to take it easy

Liberta then got a great idea and took out a small row boat. They can take the boat off the shore a little bit and take a nap inside since the weather is so great.

リベルタ、ありがとう > Liberta, thank you.

Liberta said there’s no need to thank him since he wanted to take a break too after all the ghost ship incident. Felicita and Liberta then proceed to set sail on the boat. Liberta wanted to show Felicita a small island off shore that’s usually covered by mist, but today they could see it clearly. He wanted to get a bit closer so he rowed faster but in the process got Felicita splashed a little bit. He apologized and got closer to wipe her face. (*´ω`*)アーハンw

When they returned at the shore, it was already night and the sky is filled with stars. He then told Felicita that whenever she wants to take a nap, she can take her boat. It’s his secret napping spot, but for Felicita it’s special. ^_^


近場で楽しめる事? > Something fun nearby?

リベルタもやすみたかった?> Liberta, did you want to take a rest too?

Liberta admitted that he’s a bit tired and wanted to take a break too so he wanted to take his time and nap. The two of you set sail on the boat. He told her that sometimes when he’s taking a break during work he would set out on this small boat and take a nap. Dante reminded him to be careful because a small boat is still a boat. Felicita asked if he has ever overslept and got carried away by the current, and he laughed saying that he’s not THAT stupid. He tied the boat so it wouldn’t get washed away.

Well we know what’s gonna happen…

The two of them took a nap. Early evening, Fukurota woke them up. Liberta was startled since they overslept and if they don’t hurry they won’t make it to dinner. When he inspected his surroundings…

“Um. Where are we?”

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the boat got carried away by the current. The rope that Liberta tied to the boat came off. Cue Felicita’s deathly glare.

Well Felicita made it back to the mansion in one piece. Dante-papa was waiting in the dining room asking her why are they back so late and why do they look so tired. Felicita went back to her room silently while Liberta collapses on the spot.

Love x Comedy 2

Liberta said he’s thankful that Felicita would accompany him to the restaurant because that restaurant is full of girls and no guys.


何のお店なの? > What kind of restaurant is this?

Liberta told her that it’s a store that specializes in new dolce. Actually he made a promise with Pace to try the Dolce Torre. Dolce Torre is like a jenga where you need to pile up a certain dolce as tall as possible in the allotted time. Apparently Pace got the best score of all time (well, this is Pace) and Liberta said to Pace that he could beat him.

Felicita: (。´-д-) =3ハァ・・・

But pure boy Liberta invited Felicita not only for that but also because together in a restaurant like this is like a date.

The food is out, and they served them Baci di Dama! I gotta say that looks really good… It makes me hungry. By the way, there’s a recipe for Baci di Dama here so I might try it out one day. Emphasis on one day.

They have to pile up as many as possible within 10 minutes and it will be free, but if the cookie mountain crumbles (lol) they have to pay for the whole thing.

崩さないように頑張る > I’ll do my best not to let it crumble

Liberta is happy that Felicita seemed fired up and he wants to do his best too. By the way Pace’s record was 10 layers. I’m amazed he held up long enough to stack it that high and not swallow them in one gulp. They managed to stack 12 which is the new record! Yaaaaay ☆-(ノ●´∀)八(∀`●)ノイエーイ The waiter told them it must be because they’re lovers they move so well together.

As a celebration the waiter suggested Felicita to feed the dolce to Liberta. The waiter told her that this dolce means Lady Kisses and it’s perfect to let your feelings known. Liberta slightly panicked in embarrassment when the waiter suggested that キャッ(/д\*))((*/Д\)キャッ but Felicita saw no problem with that.

あーん > Say aah… (●´∀`) .o (*´∀`*)ゞ

They were all rabu-rabu feeding each other dolce.

これはリベルタに…… > This is for you Liberta…


知らないで入ったの? > You went in not knowing that?

難しいそう… > It seems difficult…

Pace showed up and surprised the two of them and the tower came crumbling down.

Love x Comedy 3

Liberta is bored and he’s not shy to let people know. Nova, Liberta and Felicita is sitting in the dining room. The rest of the familia is out on missions so they’re on guard duty. Jolly told them since it’s too troublesome if they’re all over the place during an emergency they’re told to gather in the dining room.

Liberta asked if there’s something they can play to pass time while they wait and Nova suggested playing shiritori. He learned about shiritori from Mama and tried explaining it to Fel & Liberta. Liberta didn’t get it the first time so

もう少し分かりやすく説明して > Explain it a little bit easier

Nova explained again. This time he gave an example by playing with Felicita. After Arcana Famiglia comes…

雨 > Ame (rain)

Liberta finally got the revelation and they started playing shiritori. They played for a long while. Nova left the room to go check if there’s any update from the others. Liberta was having fun with shiritori, so he wanted to continue a little bit more with just Felicita. Liberta came up with Tiramisu. After tiramisu, Felicita came up with suki (love).


Liberta was flustered but slapped himself mentally and reminded himself that it’s just a game. After suki is… is…



From outside, Nova and Ruka listened in.

Ruka: “What’s going on here? What’s with this love-love atmosphere…” (*′皿`艸)
Nova: “Don’t ask me… Until just now they were just playing shiritori.”
Ruka: “Then… How did it becomes like that?” 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。

Meanwhile, Liberta and Felicita played shiritori as usual :3


さっきの説明で分かった > I got it from that explanation

雨 > Ame (rain)

Nova started with Fune (boat). Apparently Liberta hasn’t gotten it. Pace, Ruka and Debito finally got home. During all that time, Liberta and Nova kept bickering back and forth about shiritori because Liberta still hasn’t got it. They kept fighting until finally the swords are out. Felicita got tired of being ignored all the time and was about to take charge.

Nova: “Make! (lose)”
Liberta: “Alright, so after make is ke, right? Keri! (kick)”

Nova stopped in his track because Liberta finally got it, but before he continues Fel’s roundhouse kick came flying.

Nova: “…That’s definitely a keri. Ri… [Liberta, omae no sei da]… (Liberta, it’s your fault)” *faints*
Liberta: “Da… [Dakara, ore wa warukunai]… (Like I said, it’s not my fault)” *collapses*


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