Arcana Famiglia Festa Regalo Drama CD

How are you guys doing in this crazy heat? Me I’m pretty much confined in my room with electric fan pointed straight to my face. It’s constantly been 90-95 degrees for two weeks.

I recently got my hand on a copy of the Festa Regalo drama CD I told you guys about and while I’m rolling around being lazy (and not posting the routes mwahaha) might as well do a review on it.


Well, the Arcana Famiglia franchise never disappoints in humor, story, and acting. When you’re listening to this CD, make sure you have something sweet to snack on because it’s going to make you hungry.

By the way, unlike other Arcana Famiglia drama CDs, Felicita won’t be voiced so it’s more like a situation CD. Actually, if you ever heard the Kareshi x Recipe CD, it’s pretty much like that. In this drama Felicita is not lovers with anyone yet.


The story starts with Nova and Liberta running into Ash in the hall where Ash finds out that Felicita is away on business and won’t be back for dinner. They decided to go to the dining hall, but there they find the rest of the famiglia pretty much lifeless and gloomy because Felicita is not having dinner with them. *Insert Dante’s stupid pun here*

Ruka mentioned that he’s going to prepare a dolce for Felicita, and the rest of the crew jumped in saying that they won’t let Ruka always have the good part. Coaxed by Jolly, somehow it becomes a dolce cooking battle ^_^; They’re going to have a dolce competition in 4 days with Felicita’s smile as the reward. Of course, this is a secret from Felicita.

Anyway the guys decided to alternate making dolce each day.


Liberta’s dolce is Baci di Dama. That’s the same italian cookies that they ate together at Liberta’s Love x Comedy chapter.

Fel goes in the kitchen to find Liberta making Baci di Dama (which I really really will make, one of these days). While watching him cook, Felicita noticed something stuck on Liberta’s face. When she goes to take it, Liberta gets flustered and fell on her, grabbing her boobs in the process. ギャ━━━━━━Σヾ(゚Д゚)ノ━━━━━━ !!!!

Felicita gets flustered and knives were about to fly, but Liberta apologized profusely and it seems like he’s gonna make it  alive.

The dolce is done and Felicita made coffee to go with it. The dolce seems successful and since Liberta’s so excited he hugged her.

From the shadows, Nova and Debito is peeking in. Nova is pissed because Liberta is too close to Felicita and Debito added that he should just be honest and admit he’s jealous. Debito warned Nova that it’s the fearsome power of innocence that Liberta and Pace has.



Nova is making Pana cotta, which is also the dolce they had together at the restaurant. Well he essentially told her to stay out of the way cause he’s gonna make it himself, otherwise there’s no meaning. Nova is being all tsun tsun and doesn’t want Felicita’s help, but he messed up when breaking the egg. Felicita got him some towel and he got flustered because she touched his hand.

Felicita made some tea to go with it and they had tea together. Some pana cotta got stuck on Felicita’s face and Nova took it, but he got flustered and insist that this is a secret between the two of them (*´▽`*)

This time Debito and Pace is the one peeking. Pace spied Nova taking the cream from Felicita and was about to storm in saving Felicita and grabbing the pana cotta, but Debito took out his gun told him not to get in his way.


Debito is the first one that really asked Felicita for help, even though he just need her to taste-test. He doesn’t really like sweet (or salty or spicy or bitter, he just likes sake and woman -_-) There’s no spoon but Fel being an ojou-sama doesn’t want to use her hand. Debito being the walking sexual-harassment, had her lick the cream from his finger. (*/∇\*) キャ

She hesitantly did it the first time, but when Debito asked her to do it again her roundhouse kick flew.

Debito is making Amaretti, an almond biscotti. Since the Amaretti turns out successful, as a reward Debito wants Felicita to feed him. (●´艸`)

Peeking in, Pace commented that Debito face looks different when he laughs. It’s not the usual smirk that he has but it’s more like ‘VIVA REGALO MAN!’ kind of smile. Ruka was about to storm in (and possibly slaughter Debito) but Pace held him back. Ruka then slunk to a corner and cry.


Pace is making Tiramisu!!!! ♡_♡ I knew there’s a reason I love Pace the most. Apparently because he keeps taste-testing, the tiramisu runs out and this it the third time he’s making it. So Pace ask Felicita if she can watch over him so he doesn’t taste test too much and help him make tiramisu.

Pace’s singing a strange song while he’s mixing the cream and Felicita throws him a strange look. Pace argued that it’s the same as raising vegetables with music to make them delicious ^_^ He sings so that the dolce will turn delicious and so Ojou would give him a kiss (´ε` )♡ When Felicita said she can’t, Pace asked if she would give him a kiss on the cheek if the dolce turns out delicious.

Pace made espresso to go with the tiramisu. He made the tiramisu with cocoa instead of espresso because he thought Ojou would like it better sweet (●´□`)♡ He reminds Felicita of the other time when he said that Ojou is like a tiramisu to him (when they went to Ruka’s hidden greenhouse). He just said that in a passing, but when he thinks about it tiramisu is bitter, sweet and soft. He thanks Ojou for helping him and he kissed her in the cheek, saying that Ojou’s cheek is soft like tiramisu ♡ Felicita got flustered and kicked him and he said that kick was just as bitter as espresso lol.

Ruka and Dante witness the whole thing. Ruka of course couldn’t stand it and about to storm in when Pace kissed her, but Felicita kicked him unconscious first.


Ruka is making Zucotto, a dome shaped dolce that looks somewhat like the top of Ruka’s hat (´∀`) It’s done and he asked if Felicita wants to be the one to try it. It sounds really delicious, with ricotta cheese and chocolate filling. Hearing that, Felicita wants to make it too.

When Felicita’s beating the eggs too hard, he gets close and teaches her how to do it. Felicita ask if he’s not spoiling her too much, but Ruka smiled saying that he just wants her to rely on him.

After the cake is done, Ruka served Felicita his cake and Ruka served himself the cake Felicita made. Ruka said it’s really delicious but Felicita doesn’t believe him. Felicita still thinks that his is more delicious, but Ruka insists that the one Felicita made is to his liking.

Jolly yawned and told Dante that there’s no point in watching Ruka since he already knows of his talent in alchemy. Dante asked Jolly if this dolce competition is for him to test their alchemy potential and Jolly confirmed it. Dante commented when Ruka feed the dolce to Felicita, but Jolly just dismissed it saying that it’s just their habit from the past, it’s no different than feeding a child.

Dante grinned, “That’s what you want to think, right?” in which Jolly got agitated saying it’s ridiculous.


Dante is making cantucci, Italian crunchy almond biscuits. Actually his track is just full of puns I don’t feel like following up lol. Dante asked Felicita to make espresso for them.

While having dolce and espresso, Dante told her that she can rely on him and the family for advice any time. Felicita then ask if she can ask for advice right now. She needs advice because lately she feels that Dante’s pun got more and more boring. LOL.

Ash felt like it’s a waste of time watching that ossan, because it’s unlikely anything can happen between them LOL. Jolly said that even if the age is far apart they’re still a woman and a man. Ash asked if he’s joking, and Jolly just shrugged saying who knows.


Felicita seems surprised that Jolly is cooking, but Jolly just said that cooking is the same as alchemy. He’s making Marzapane which is Italian for marzipan. He then makes Mondo and Felicita in Marzipan ^_^ He doesn’t have the patience to bake it for one day so he just burned it with his alchemy. -_-

He went to see what Felicita is making. At first he thought it was an Iron Maiden or a dogu, but Felicita is actually making Jolly  (≧∇≦)ノ彡 Jolly said that he’s confiscating it for research. When he saw that Felicita looks disappointed, he gave her the marzipan he made (´∀`)

Ash commented that Jolly will probably keep the marzipan Felicita made to decorate his research room. Liberta said that you can keep marzipan for a long time, and Ash added that since it’s Jolly he can probably make it last a year or so. Ash smirked saying that even if he keeps it at his room it’ll probably only look like a curse doll. Liberta laughed saying that even though Felicita is good at cooking, she’s clumsy on some parts.

At that moment, the door creaked open with Felicita looming and kicks flying. Jolly chuckled saying that if they’re jealous they should just say so. Liberta and Ash said in unison that they don’t want to be told that by him.


Guess what Ash would be making? Do you think it has something to do with… apples?

NOPE. It’s strawberry milk gelato lol. Well apparently Felicita thought the same lol. As he’s cooking Felicita tugged on his hair asking him if his bangs aren’t in the way. Ash said that it’s no big deal and smirked saying if she’s concerned she can tie it for him. Felicita agreed immediately and Ash is slightly disappointed she’s not acting more embarrassed :3 

Felicita tied his hair for him and Felicita told him he looks cute lol (´∀`) Ash asked if she’s free after this but immediately added even if she’s not, she’s still spending it with him. The gelato takes time to cool so they spent time waiting together.

They ate the gelato together and Ash commented that eating gelato together like this make them feel like lovers. Felicita got as red as a strawberry キャッ(/д\*))((*/Д\)キャッ Ash got closer saying that he’s not making fun of her… in fact, if he makes it a reality he wouldn’t be making fun of her.

Then he pulled back saying that maybe he’s messing with her too much.


He added that when Felicita is not flustered every time he comes closer, he’ll play with her again.

I swear they’re making Ash & Felicita more lovey dovey in the spin offs to make up for the scarce romance in Vascello Fantasma.


After Felicita tastes all the dolce they made, it’s time to give the victor a reward. You can skip to any track and it’ll have it. Felicita would bake star-shaped cookies and give it to the victor.

Anyway my impression of this CD is two things. One, Italian sweets sound super delicious and Arcana Famiglia is an expert at making me feel hungry. Two, Ash is the biggest jerk only second to Jolly (in a good way I guess).

I guess it’s no secret that Ash is brash and a bit of a bully, and in that short time frame of Vascello Fantasma I thought that he’s not THAT bad. Let me put it this way. When Ash is not busy being Jolly, he’s busy being Debito. I guess that’s good in his own way.

I’m really looking forward to the game now especially since the CGs look really really promising :3 One day if I have enough cash I really want to have Sorachi Yomi’s Arcana Famiglia artbook. The art is so pretty!

The three youngest members of the famiglia mesmerized by Felicita in her school uniform (!!!!) PLEASE LET THERE BE GAKUEN ARCANA FAMIGLIA!!! The four of them as classmates… and then Mondo as the principal, Dante as the homeroom teacher and Jolly as the clinic doctor or biology teacher 8D Ruka, Pace and Debito can be their upperclassman.

Make this happen Hunex, I’m counting on you.

Debito laughing — like seriously laughing — makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside (´◡`)

And of course no Arcana Famiglia would be complete without Pace and his mountain of tabs at the bar.

As usual the chibis look super cute. Looking forward to this game!

Scans taken from Dengeki Girls Style via tumblr.



  1. elisaheart · · Reply

    Ohh, sweet. Won’t read this review yet since I just won an auction to get the CD so I’ll have to wait a couple weeks to finally get it… but I’m so glad you’re reviewing it~!

    1. Oh, you won the auction? Congratulations! The CD is really fun, I’m sure you’ll have a good time listening to it ^_^

  2. I want to hear the cd ;-;/
    This Debito smile *-* *melt* love him so much !>u<

    1. I’m sure you’ll find it if you look 😉 That Debito CG will be in the upcoming Arcana Famiglia game and my heart melts when I see that too 😀

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