Vascello Fantasma Extra – Ash

So after much consideration, I decided to put all the extra episodes on a different post. There’s actually a lot of extra episodes and scenes in Vascello Fantasma since it’s a Special Episodio, so I feel like if I put everything on one post it’s going to be super long.

Love x Comedy

Love x Comedy 1

Felicita and Ash are on a date on the Vascello Fantasma. Ash wondered what Felicita was looking at so intently, and she said that she saw a bottle floating on the sea. It seems like there’s a letter inside of it too, so Felicita was curious.

行ってみよう、アッシュ >  Let’s check it out, Ash

Ash warned you that curiosity killed the cat, but he’s a curious person too so he can’t really blame her. They went down to the shore to pick up the bottle. Walking near the rocky coastline, Ash asks if she doesn’t find it hard walking with a heel boots. Fel’s reaction implies that it does, but Ash says that he likes how she keeps wearing it because she likes it. Plus, it suits her.

私もアッシュのコーと好き > I like Ash’s coat too

Ash said that next time she should Ask Ruka to make her a coat like his.

They found the letter in the bottle floating down.


私が拾うね > I’ll get it.

Felicita picks up the bottle and Ash takes out the letter and read it. It seems to be written by a kid because it’s all in hiragana.

Good afternoon, my prince.

Felicita got flustered realizing that the letter sounds familiar. Smirking, Ash continued.

I heard from Dante that if I write a letter and let it float to the sea it will be delivered to someone I love the most so I’m writing a letter for my prince who will come for me when I grow up.

Before Ash can finish reading the letter out loud, Felicita grabbed the paper. Ash smirked saying that there’s nothing wrong with the letter, especially since the name of the sender seems to be coincidentally the same as Felicita. (。≖ิ‿≖ิ) Well, he already read everything though.

“It’s fine if I get to be the ‘prince’ that received the letter, right? Let’s talk about the continuation of the letter back at the ship, princess.”

MOE EXPLOSION 。.:*.(*≧▽≦)。.:*.


瓶の中に宝の地図とかはいってたり > There might be a treasure map inside of that bottle

Ash smirked saying she’s too naive. Inside that bottle might be a cursed letter.

アッシュ、拾って > Ash, get it for me

Ash doesn’t mind. He was having a hard time trying to reach it though, so you have the option to

かるーく背中を押す > Ge~ntly push him. (LOL Felicita the troll)

手を握る > Hold his hand

Either way he’s going to fall into the water. Ash was reasonably unhappy and wet so he ask Felicita to give him a hand. When she does, he pulls her and they both fall together (*´∀`*) In the water Felicita can’t kick him, so she settled to drowning him instead LOL.

Love x Comedy 2

Ash had Felicita show him around the town when they meet Dante. Dante mentioned that there’s a delicious gelato shop that changes their flavor every day so she should take him there. They have apple-flavored ice cream too. Hearing that, Ash is raring to go.

Each person can get 3 scoops of different flavor, but Felicita can’t make up her mind. Ash tells her that she can choose his ice cream too so she can try 6 flavors at once (*´ v`*)He goes to pay and lets you stay and choose. If you read his heart, you can see that he wants all three scoops in apple flavor, but you get to choose between…

リンゴを3種類入れよう > 3 scoops of apple flavor

全部好きな味でいいの?> Can I order all my favorites?

You can choose any option but if you order the apple flavor, Ash is going to be really happy. Well. In his heart, at least. As they eat their ice cream, rain will start to fall. Ash suggests they eat under the roof and see if it lets up.


ジェラートが美味しいから雨なんて気にならない > The gelato tastes delicious so I don’t mind the rain.

They finish eating the gelato but the rain is not letting up. Ash ask Fel if she wants to run home, but Fel prefers to stay. He said she was a strange one, liking the rain. She answered it’s because

独り占めしてる気分だから > I feel like monopolizing you

Ash get closer to her. “If you want to monopolize me, isn’t it better with me close like this?”

2人だけの世界みたいだね > It’s like a world with only the two of us.

Ash tells her that there are times when he can’t tell if she’s serious or joking. Felicita looks at him, puzzled.


… Sorry.


いっそ食べながら歩く?> Should we eat while walking?

He doesn’t mind, but the gelato is going to get soaked. Felicita minds of course so they waited a little bit to finish eating. After they’re done, the rain doesn’t show any sign of stopping so Ash suggests they run home.

1人でどうぞ > Go by yourself.

ちょっと走り切れるか様子見てきて > Run for a bit to see if it’s too slippery to run.

LOL Fel-sama, you’re too much.

Anyway no matter what you choose Ash will tell you that he’s going to run and buy an umbrella. As he step out into the rain, the rain got heavier. “Will… you let me back under the roof?” he hesitantly ask. Felicita smiles and says no.

Love x Comedy 3

Felicita and the 3 baka trio Pace, Debito and Ruka are at the bar. Pace has just lost in a staring contest versus Felicita and Ruka bragged that nobody can beat her at staring contests. The next challenger, Debito faced the same fate. Ruka brags that facing Felicita’s pure eyes, even Debito would have to avert his eyes LOL. Pace spots Ash entering the bar so he called him over to their table.

Pace suggests that as the two pure innocents Ash and Felicita should have a staring contest.

やってみよう > Let’s try

やったことないの?> You’ve never done this before?

Pace explained the rules of Legaro style staring contest and even though Pace’s explanation was all over the place Ash got the gist of it.


全力でかかてきて > Fight me with your all

Ash feels like knocking her down a peg or two since she’s so confident. With Pace’s cue, the battle starts.

The two of them stare at each other. They got closer and closer until finally Fel said.

…負けでいい > … I give up.

Ash didn’t really get what so interesting about this game. Debito and Pace points out that Felicita who’s always calm and cold got all embarrassed and red.

綺麗な目の色だね > The color of your eyes is so pretty

Ash smiled kindly and even though he said that he never really see his own eyes clearly, if you read his heart you can tell that he’s actually happy she said that.

With the game out of the way, Ash takes Felicita out. He tells her that he came to the bar looking for her. After they left together, Pace smiled and said “How nice… That’s youth.” while Ruka crawled into a ball in a corner and cry. LOL.


負ける気はしない > I don’t feel like losing

It’s just a game, but with that Ash got fired up. He doesn’t feel like losing too.

The two of them stared at each other. They got closer, and closer, and closer… before Ruka can put a stop to it…

They kissed.

SUPER DUPER MEGA MOE EXPLOSION +。:.゚+。:.゚(*≧▽≦).:。+..:。+゚

Ruka went completely blue, literally, and collapsed.

Arcana Roulette


Felicita and Ash are at the mansion’s training hall when they spot Liberta and Nova bickering as usual. Ash calls them hiyoko mame because Liberta is hiyoko atama (chick head) and Nova is mame (bean) so when the two of them together he calls them hiyoko mame ^_^; Liberta and Nova are not loving that nick name.

Ash continues saying that giving nick names to things based on how he see it is his talent. He even named all the skeletons at Vascello Fantasma, and most of the names are based on pasta lol(●´艸`)

By the way Debito is Eyepatch, Pace is Large Breed Dog (SPOT ON ASH!), and Ruka is Hat Alchemist. Dante is the Bald Old Man. Jolly is the Hated Alchemist.

Good 1

Ruka asked Ash what he likes to eat since once in a while Ruka will cook his favorite. Let’s not guess, I guess we all know. No? Its apples. Yeah. So Felicita and Ruka ask if there’s anything else. Glancing at Fukurota, Ash answered chicken. Felicita’s kick flew.

Good 2

Dante and Liberta is making a Legaro stew for Ash. Felicita tries it right away, but Ash reluctantly says that he’s going to try it later. Liberta and Dante keep saying that it tastes best when it’s still hot, and Ash runs away saying that he has a cat’s tongue (he can’t handle hot food) (●´艸`) Dante made a joke about a tiger having a cat’s tongue.


Ash wanted to see his own stigmata, but if he looks in the mirror he’s gonna turn into a tiger. He concentrated on JUST looking at his neck. LOL He thought his stigmata is pretty cool. In the end, he’s tempted to look to the mirror and turned into a tiger anyway.


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