Vascello Fantasma – Ash

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Lately I’ve been trying to download the Tiger & Bunny Hero Awards 2011 event, but the raws out right now is 66GB large. That’s right, 66GB. I almost gave up. I almost gave in. But I decided to brave it and download it one file at a time. By the way, there are 175 files and they’re almost 400MB each.

Now, part 4 out of 18 refuses to unzip and I’m about ready to rip my hair out.

Ahem. Anyway. Back. To. Ash.


Ash is the newest character in Arcana Famiglia. As you’ve known from the prologue he’s an alchemist who later became the contractor of the Magician arcana. He’s voiced by Okamoto Nobuhiko. I have to say I never really paid attention to Okamoto before, but I really really love his role as Ash.

Ash is an interesting one. All the guys in Arcana Famiglia grew up aware of Felicita, because they’re a part of the Famiglia and Felicita is the daughter of the family head. So it’s not surprising that all of them adore Felicita and pampers her, with the slight exception of tsundere Nova. However, Ash is an outsider. He met Felicita for the first time in this story, so it’s kind of fun guessing how he will eventually fall for Felicita ( ‘ ω ‘ )

Ash’s character itself is interesting. He grew up in that ship all his life, so he spent most of his time talking to ghosts instead of real people. He has a foul mouth and can come across as rude, and he calls people by names he made up himself lol. I guess he would fall under the delinquent type? The type that’s rude, and gruff, but is actually a softie? ( ^▽^)σ)゜ー゜) But surprisingly he has a Debito side to him. Ash’s character is like a combination of Nova’s tsundere-ness, Debito’s smoothness and foul language and Liberta’s straight-forwardness. Really he’s just a treat.

Oh, plus he can turn into a tiger. that’s pretty neat.

Continuation from the prologue.

Chapter 1

When the mist cleared, Felicita was by herself and the Justice arcana attacked her. Prepare for battle cause there’s nobody there to cover you. Felicita was holding up but every time Justice uses his arcana, she couldn’t evade it. Just as his attack about to hit, a barrier protected her and Ash stepped in front. Justice was too strong for them so he told Felicita to follow him and run.

They ran into a room who turns out to be Ash’s room. He gave her an apple but Felicita is still reasonably suspicious of him. Well for now, let’s kick him for knocking you unconscious all this time! Ash is surprisingly understanding, even though he’s definitely not happy. He told her to accept the apple as an apology then.

After that though, Felicita thanked him for saving him. (*´ω`*) Ash introduced himself and learned Felicita’s name. Although most of the time he’ll still gonna call her strawberry head.

Felicita demanded that he return the tarocco, but he didn’t have it nor he had the intention to return it since it’s his to begin with. He then got down to business and explained about Vascello Fantasma, the ship for the dead. Vascello Fantasma was made by the same alchemist that made the tarocco and Ash is the descendant of that alchemist. I will just butcher the name so I’d rather not try. The ship is boarded by souls who are involved with conflict around the tarocco unwillingly. A lot of people had lost their lives because of the tarocco and those with lingering attachments are aboard this ship.

The skeletons have never attacked anybody before so he wanted to know what’s going on. He said it’s probably because he made a contract with the tarocco and Felicita finally noticed the stigmata on his neck. Ash then told her about Joshua who’s a dead man, but he bears the Justice arcana. Thanks to that he could be seen in daytime as opposed to other ghosts.  When he touched the tarocco he turned into a skeleton and the other skeletons started moving.

Two months before that, Joshua had found a journal that says that there’s a certain organization that holds the power of the tarocco. It’s name is Arcana Famiglia. After that Ash set sail for Legaro. He thought of a way to get the tarocco back, because the tarocco belongs with this ship because the ship serves the role to pay the price for the tarocco massive power.

Ash asked if she knows anything about Joshua, but she doesn’t. Ash sighed saying that she’s useless. ∑(#`皿´ ) but she could at least act as a shield to smooth over talk with the other guys.

Felicita read his heart a few times. He asked her cooperation in bringing Joshua back, and in return he’ll protect her while she’s separated from all her friends. He’s going to see Joshua tomorrow so he wants her to decide by tomorrow morning if she wants to go with him or stay in this room, because everywhere else in the ship is dangerous.

It was getting late, so they were about to turn in for the night. Felicita was planning to sleep on the floor, but Ash offered to share the bed if she’s willing. When she hesitated, he said sure, just be careful not to get bit by rats.  Σ(・ω・ノ)ノ! Felicita decided to take his offer after all.

Chapter 2

In the morning after Ash woke Felicita up he asked her what she wanted to do. She decided to go with him. Before they go see Joshua though, Ash decides to look around the ship because what happens last night was unusual. He noticed that the mist is thicker than usual, so much that those who’s not used to the ship will definitely get lost.

Before they go and see Joshua, they went to the dining hall to get something to eat. In the dining hall, someone mysteriously left a steaming seafood hotpot. Apparently in this ship there’s a ghost that loves to cook. When she was alive she used to cook for his son that has a big appetite. That son is still living in Legaro right now. Fel asked him if he was lonely being all alone on this ship, but he said no because he has a goal that he needs to achieve. He needs to protect his ancestry’s legacy, the Vascello Fantasma and everything in it.

After breakfast they went to the captain’s quarters. Ash saw from outside that Joshua seems to have come back to normal, but he told Felicita to wait outside nevertheless. When Ash talked to him it seems like he didn’t remember anything from the time he touched the tarocco.

Ash took the tarocco with him and told Joshua about everything that happened. Before he gets to the story though, Joshua invited Felicita in ^_^ So much for hiding lol. Felicita said there’s a possibility that the justice arcana took over Joshua. Felicita then explained the ‘price’ of the arcana powers and how the power can go out of control if you’re not careful. Joshua apologized for having Ash involved in something like this, it was because he wanted a open a new door for Ash.

Ash didn’t regret it though, instead he wants to know what kind of power arcana gives him in return of the price. Joshua told him that if he concentrates on the stigmata, the words should come up in his mind. Ash went to the deck to test it out since he doesn’t want to wreck the room if the power turn out to be super awesome. Joshua smiled at Felicita saying that Ash is just an innocent boy and Felicita smiled in agreement.

As Ash concentrates on his stigmata, the same burning sensation on his throat returns and he call out the words. Nothing happens though. Joshua and Felicita followed him to the deck, and when he said Joshua’s name, he turns into Joshua.

(    O д O )   ( O д O    )

He heaved a sigh kind of disappointed that it’s another transformation power since he can already transform into a tiger LOL. It’s a strange sight to see Joshua’s appearance but he still talks like Ash.

Trivia: Ash’s seiyuu Okamoto Nobuhiko also plays the role as Ivan Karelin in Tiger & Bunny. In that anime series his power as Origami Cyclone is also to transform into somebody else. The more you know.

Joshua and Ash don’t know how Ash can transform back, so Felicita suggested what if Ash just imagine himself. He did and that worked.

Well that was easy  ( ‘_’ )

Evening comes, and even though Ash thought that Joshua wouldn’t transform anymore because Ash has the tarocco, he still transforms into the Justice arcana. Justice called the skeletons to his bidding. Ash told Felicita he’s going to make an opening, so be ready to run and follow him. Also to definitely feed him apples afterwards.

Ash turned into a tiger. Felicita ran after him and got inside the bedroom before. Felicita thanked him and he wags his tail (≧▽≦) After thanking him, Felicita gave him an apple. He transformed back into Ash… except one little detail.

He’s naked.

Chapter 3

Ash complained after being roundhouse kicked by Felicita. I mean what’s the big deal about being naked? If she wasn’t around he would be naked all day. ( ̄ー ̄)

Ash then asks her about the Wheel of Fortune that Justice keep murmuring. The Wheel of Fortune has the power to change the relationship line (fate/destiny I’m guessing) of those related to the holder, but you can never tell what’s going to happen. Felicita wants to do something, but with the current situation and her current ability she can’t really do anything. If anyone knows anything it’s going to be Jolly, so Ash asks her to ask Jolly. He wants to save Joshua

Felicita read his heart a couple more times (it’s automatic). Among wanting to save Joshua, and somewhere in his heart there’s also a promise with his father. Felicita told him that he’s hiding something important. She wants him to tell her. Fel’s action made him suspicious.

He grinned and when Felicita read his heart, his heart says that just now when she kicked him her skirt got flipped and he can see her panties. (。≖ิ‿≖ิ)  キャッ(/д\*))((*/Д\)キャッ

Felicita blushed furiously and that gave away her powers to read hearts. He found it suspicious because Felicita doesn’t talk much, but when she talks it’s as if she knows what he’s thinking. He thought it was the power of the Wheel of Fortune but Felicita hesitantly said it’s not…

Furious, Ash pulled her hair and threatens her to talk. Felicita finally tells him that it’s the power of the Lovers arcana. Ash felt cheated because all this time he thought Felicita was reading his heart, that’s why she can say all the things she did but Felicita tried to explain to him that it’s not like that. Ash would have none of it.

He then ask that if her stigmata would glow the way his does when he uses his arcana power. When Felicita affirms that, he demands to see her stigmata. Of course her stigmata is located near her breast so she couldn’t show it, but Ash misunderstands thinking that she has no intention of redeeming herself.

He continues saying that it’s great that the tarocco is back in the ship because Arcana Famiglia is full of criminals, thieves and peepers. He’s going to do something about Joshua by himself. He spat “…Disgusting…” and left.

Felicita cried quietly.

Soon Liberta and Nova found her in that room. Liberta was flustered but Nova stayed calm and asked what happened.

After hearing what happened, Liberta was pissed. It’s not as if Ash knows how it feels like to have a stigmata from birth. Nova told her that this is a good opportunity to learn not to just read other people’s heart like that. Legaro is a small island so most people are aware of arcana powers, but Ash is not like that. Liberta and Nova proceed to bicker about who Ash is more like.

Felicita wants to apologize to Ash. Nova said that’s for the best, and the two of them will be there with Felicita. When Liberta tries to open the door though, it wouldn’t open. The hall is swarmed by skeletons so much that it blocked the door. O_O They decided it’s best to wait until morning.

Meanwhile, Ash is arguing with Justice trying to figure out what the arcana wants. Unable to understand the tarocco, the Justice attacked Ash. He retreated, realizing that it’s impossible to do it by himself.

Liberta and Nova tried to convince Felicita to rest. Nova said that the answer might come to her in her dreams so she should sleep.

“Wow Nova, you’re a poet.” Liberta leered.

Chapter 4

Turns out the answer DID come to her in her dreams. Li Amanti spoke to her just like before, apologizing that it’s because of his powers that Il Bagatto came to hate Fel. In return, Li Amanti promised to help her when the time comes because Fortuna’s power is not something she can easily use.

He asked Fel to save La Giustizia. Arcana lives with its contractor in the upright position, but once the bearer passes away, it became reversed.

This is referring to tarot card readings. In a reading, a card that’s dealt in an upright position has a different meaning than a reverse card. For example, Justice stands for judgement, balance, and adjustment while a reverse Justice stands for unfair judgement and inequality.

Lastly, Li Amanti asked her to save the Il Bagatto from his solitude.

The next morning, following Liberta’s idea the trio is back on the deck. Liberta’s theory is that if you’re a man of the sea, when you’re feeling down you always go to the deck. Apparently Liberta was right because Ash is there in the crow’s nest. Since Ash didn’t show any signs of getting down, Felicita decided to go up instead. That made Liberta and Nova panic because she’s wearing a super tight skirt and heel boots ^_^

Remembering what happened last night, Felicita climbed anyway. Liberta made a mistake of looking up and got a nosebleed LOL.

Felicita apologized but Ash showed no signs of accepting her apology. That’s why not as an apology, but to ask that he trusts her she loosens her necktie and showed her stigmata on her chest. She won’t read his heart, that’s why he needs to tell her the important things.

Ash asked why she would go that far for him, especially he must’ve hurt her last night. But Felicita thanked him… for making her think of her arcana power in a different way.

Moved by her courage, Ash apologized and told her what he’s hiding.

Ash made a promise to his father to protect Vascello Fantasma, the ship where lost souls reside before moving to the afterlife. He believes that it’s because Ash is protecting the ship that his dad could move on without any regrets (if he had, he would’ve been stuck in Vascello Fantasma). Joshua is a passenger of that ship and Ash also consider him as family so he has the duty and desire to protect Joshua too.

Felicita wants him to show his resolution by his fist. If Felicita wins, Ash will return the tarocco. If Ash wins, Felicita will help him. Duello time!

During the duello, Ash revealed that he was the one who killed his father. ∑(O_O;) Kind of an important detail there, isn’t it? He had lost control when he transformed into a tiger and attacked his father.  When his dad fed him the apple, Ash’s hands were already covered in blood. Blood was flowing from his father’s legs.

Ash regretted it really bad, but his dad told him not to blame himself. His dad was always proud of him. One year before when Ash made the drug that can make him turn into a tiger, he thought his son is a genius. But he knew that he didn’t have much longer to live, so he made Ash promise to watch over the ship and the passengers in his place. He thought that if Ash have that promise, Ash would have something to live for even when he’s no longer there…

The night is falling so Ash decides to put everything to finish the battle. He fires up a shot that hits Felicita, but she immediately recovers. As Ash charges to attack with his sword, Felicita’s stigmata shines brightly and blinds Ash. In that moment, she closes in for an attack and wins the duello. (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ︵ /(.□ . \)

After winning the duello, Felicita still wants to help Ash save Joshua. Ash was surprised, but thankful.

Chapter 5

Alarmed by the ruckus from Felicita’s battle, the rest of the family gathers at the deck. Jolly asks Felicita if she got the tarocco, and Ash kept his promise. Felicita asks Jolly to listen to what Ash has to say.

Nightfall, La Giustizia appeares again. Time for a badass battle with the whole gang! Dante takes Debito, Pace and Nova to subdue the other skeletons. Jolly strikes a casual conversation with Joshua who seems to remember him. But of course casual by Jolly standard is being Jerk McJerkyJerkJerk, so Ash blasts an attack to Jolly. He said that Joshua is an important existence for him. He’s like a brother and a father, someone who saved him from his loneliness.

Felicita remembers the words Li Amanti said to her and La Giustizia takes that opening and strikes. Ash protected her just in time. Felicita told Ash to take his hand and in that moment, the stigmata shines bright and they saw Ash’s past.

Young Ash was grieving in the captain’s quarters. Joshua told him about his son. He wanted his son to live freely like his mother, so he named him after that. Joshua then asked if Ash wanted to be his son. When the time comes for him to go, he wanted Ash to cry for him too. Until then, he wanted Ash to promise not to cry again. (ノД`)・゜・。Joshua believed that one day this ship will lead Ash to Joshua’s family, because the tarocco connects this ship and his son together.

Some time after that, Joshua told Ash that his stigmata seems to be calling for a new contractor. If things go awry the ship will be flooded with new passengers, so Joshua and Ash decided to bring the tarocco to the ship.

Back in the present, Felicita threw her knives to seal La Giustizia’s movement and with Li Amanti’s power, La Giustizia falls back into slumber in the card.

Ash realized that looking into people’s feeling means recalling the hurt and the sadness too and he didn’t think about Felicita’s feelings before. He apologized to her again for being harsh last night.

With La Giustizia subdued, Joshua returns to normal. Felicita asks Jolly again about Joshua’s son. Dante mentioned that the owner of the Justice arcana is Mondo’s son. Jolly smirked and said he should’ve waited and hold the information in exchange for the ship. Wow Jolly, just wow. (;¬_¬)

Joshua goes to talk with Liberta, but of course Liberta is not aware that Joshua is his father (´;д;`) Joshua just told him that he wishes for his happiness, and please tell that to Mondo too. Liberta is completely puzzled. Lastly he told Liberta to spread his wings and live freely.

When he’s saying his good bye to Ash, Joshua told him that in the captain’s room drawers there’s a letter for Ash and he wants him to read it. Finally he told Ash that for him, he too is a son he’s proud of. (´;ω;`)

With that Joshua went up to the heavens, taking the lost souls in the ship with him.

Ending Roll

The ending role is the same for all routes except Ash.

The family’s gathering in what I assume Mondo’s study. Mondo and Sumire is happy to finally meet with Ash, but Ash tells them he has no intention of entering the family.

In Ash’s ending roll, he said that he believes the tarocco is better off in Vascello Fantasma but he smiled saying that he already promised Felicita to return it.

Ash might have no intention of joining the family but as a holder of the arcana, he is still seen as family. Whether or not to join Arcana Famiglia is something he can decide for himself, Sumire added. Mondo gave him a word of warning that as long as his eyes is black he won’t give Felicita away for marriage ^_^ ;; I feel like saying Otou-san, your eyes are green…

Ash wonders how did an oya-baka like him could raise a fine son like Joshua. Nova and Ash starts bickering with Liberta pulled in. Debito sighs and wish that the babies would just play nicely outside. Liberta thought Ash is Debito’s age, but Debito told him not to put him together with Ash because Ash don’t have enough sensuality like him. (●´艸`)

Apparently Ash is 17 year old, the same age as Felicita. Which means he’s actually younger than Liberta (although considering the timeline of Joshua passing away and meeting Ash in the ship it should be obvious).

Anyway, Jolly thought that being the major arcana and all, Ash needed a position in the family. No, Ash’s protest doesn’t mean a thing at all really -_- Jolly then asks Felicita what she thinks his position should be.

When Felicita said as her lover, Ash just smirked “…That’s not bad.” to the dismay of the rest of the family.

Nova: “What’s with the satisfied look!?”
Liberta: “Hey now hold on wait a minute! Fel, what are you talking about?”

When Felicita added “Sorry, that was a joke LOL” Mondo rages saying that there are things she can’t say even as a joke. Sumire chuckled saying that we don’t know if that’s a joke yet.

Mondo told Ash he doesn’t have to join the Family right away, but he should live in Legaro for a while. He thanked Ash for taking care of Joshua.

Ash said that Joshua has been taking care of him too. The debt he has to Joshua he’ll repay it to the people closest to him, the Arcana Famiglia.

Ending 1

Ash and Felicita went back together to the ship to get the letter Joshua left him. There’s two letters in the envelope, one is from Ash’s father and one from Joshua.

In that letter Ash’s father said him reading the letter means that Ash had grown up and Joshua had moved on to afterlife. It said that after reading that letter the the promise to protect the ship is considered fulfilled. Ash can do whatever he wants with the ship. Let his destiny be lead by those living, not those who passed away.

A tiger is a sign of pride and strength. Even though he always said that, Ash probably thought that he wasn’t serious. His father is always proud of him. Lastly he wished that he will always find happiness.

In Joshua’s letter, Joshua wrote that he had planned on bringing Ash to Legaro, but because of the tarocco that plan came true a few years earlier than planned. Legaro was his motherland and the place he loved, so he was sure Ash would love it too. There Joshua hoped Ash would find his future and his freedom. Joshua was like a father, a brother and friend to Ash. When Ash meet Joshua’s family, please tell them that Joshua was loved.

Ash pulled Felicita into an embrace. He told her that he’s glad to have met her, and he’s grateful for the two that has lead them here.

He hasn’t decided if he wants to join Arcana Famiglia yet… but all he knows is he wants to be with Felicita like this.


MOE EXPLOSION 。.:*.(*≧▽≦)。.:*.

Ending 2

In Mondo’s study, Mondo and Ash are confirming the tarocco’s return. Ash still wanted the tarocco to be in Vascello Fantasma, but he already made a promise with Felicita. Mondo then told Ash that he can stay in the mansion until he decides what to do.

Jolly seems to be interested in Ash and his power to change into a tiger. At first Ash was pissed, but being an alchemist he’s also kind of curious. Ash off guard, Jolly flashed him a mirror and he transformed into a tiger.

Ash escaped the room but Felicita quickly grabbed his clothes and follow suit. Fel threw him an apple and he turned back.

The two of them went back to the Swords’ office. Ash complained that if Jolly really wanted to see the tiger all he had to do is ask -_- Felicita said that she likes his tiger form because it’s warm and feels good (●´ω`●) Ash admitted that it feels good when she pets him. As long as he’s eating something that’s not an apple he can stay a tiger, so next time she can pet him.

Now that he thinks about it, Joshua must’ve been leading him to Legaro. Ash have been researching on ways to fully return to human with no success. Seeing that Joshua must’ve lead him to a life where he can life with it. One of the ways was meeting Felicita. Right now, he finds it fun to see how he can make Felicita’s wishes come true.

Where he’s going from now on, undoubtedly will be connected to Felicita.

He leans in to kiss her.

If from now on she’s going to make him happy, he wants her to return the kiss. ‘Isn’t this how you show an intimate feeling?’

MOE EXPLOSION 。.:*.(*≧▽≦)。.:*.

Ending 3

Ash and Felicita are in the dungeon helping Jolly with his research. Jolly handed him a suspicious pink colored substance and told him to try it. Ash asked if he drinks it he can return fully human. Jolly’s hypothesis is the tiger’s fur is white could be because of an  illness so he wants to test if he’s positive or negative. Ash agitatedly said that his fur is white because of his hair, but Jolly said just drink it because if he brings in any strange pandemic to Legaro it’s going to be troublesome.

It’s kind of obvious, but Jolly in other routes is just a pretty big jerkface ^_^ He’s nice in his own route though.

Because Felicita asked him too, he has no choice but to drink it.

After he drank it, everything seems normal except he ends all his sentences in gao.
ノヽッノヽッノヽ!:・(≧∇≦)・: ハッハッハ

Well the good news is he’s healthy. The bad news is, Jolly had made it so as the side effect he would end his sentences in -gao. LOLOLOLOL. He was a bit jealous because Ash had the talent to make transformation medicine so young, he wanted to tease him a little bit. Even if Ash is protesting angrily he only sounds cute because he ends all his sentences in rawr. Felicita said it’s cute and Ash blushed.

Of course Ash wouldn’t take it lying down so he’s gonna take his revenge to Jolly. He used his arcana to transform into… Jolly.

So now as Jolly he said a lot of things about what a nice guy Il Bagatto is and ending his sentence in gao as Jolly. LOL. Jolly left the room saying that Ash will regret making him upset.


When playing Ash’s route, I keep crying (」´Д`)」”Where is the loveeeee??” Then I realized that Ash only known Felicita for three days ( ‘ _ ‘ ) I guess that’s kinda fast for someone to fall in love. Still, he was being pretty mean to her in those three days. From holding her hostage, knocking her unconscious, pulling her hair to blaming her for her arcana powers. While the other guys have rabu-rabu CGs of them hugging or sleeping together, Ash has CG of him with his sword on her throat and him pulling her hair.


They kind of made it up in the extra chapters though. Even though they don’t really have any romantic moments in the main route, the extra routes are so sweet it makes everything okay in my book LOL.

Felicita does have a little stubborn and selfish streak to her, but I always thought it was understandable because she lived a pretty sheltered life. In return it made her kind and innocent, which gives her bravery. She’s used to people in the famiglia adoring her (although she never takes it for granted).

Ash is on the other hand a stranger. He has a point of view different from anyone she ever met. The same with Ash who has always been alone in that ship, Felicita is a stranger and someone who brought him out of that isolation. When they’re together, I feel like they’re two of a kind and somehow it makes me happy. (´ω`*) Plus Ash likes to indulge Felicita in his own way.

By the way, this is the second time Arcana Famiglia got me interested in a seiyuu. Off to hunt more Okamoto Nobuhiko stuff!

Next one is going to be my favorite hage ojisan! God help me with the puns he makes -_-


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