Vascello Fantasma – Liberta

Well real life has been a pretty mean little monster, and I got caught up playing TMGS 3 Premium and Pokemon Black, so this post is kind of late. Well, really late. Heh. Heheheh.

But anyway, Liberta was actually the third route that I did, but for the sake of understanding the story I think it’s best if you do Liberta first.

So I shouldn’t have to say this, but spoilers ahoy. Rather, everything is spoiler.


This is Liberta. Voiced by Fukuyama Jun. THERE IS NO WAY THE ROUTE WOULDN’T BE SO INCREDIBLY CUTE AND FLUFFY. As a matter of fact, I believe Liberta route is one of the cutest in the game, only second to Luca. Cute cute cute cute cute. The only way I can describe this route and this character in general.

Liberta’s route is full of plot twist and ‘HUH WAIT WHAT’ moments, but at the same time it also answered a lot of questions about Liberta’s origin. Remember in the first Arcana Famiglia where Sumire unfolded the fact that Liberta is in fact Mondo’s grandson? That’s going to be explained further here.

Chapter 1

After you chose the route, the two of you will be on the deck and the rest of the family and skeletons gone. Liberta and Fel wondered what happened to them, but for now the two of you went inside the ship to investigate hoping to find them and the tarocco. Liberta was suprisingly calm and collected. When Fel pointed that out he told Fel it’s because he learned from Dante.

Liberta noticed that the ship has sailed quite far because now he couldn’t see Legaro anymore. Around Legaro there are small islands that are enemies with Legaro so they should find the tarocco and get back fast before they get caught up with them.

Liberta got excited over an honest to goodness ghost ship, but Felicita is scared of ghosts. Bakaberta didn’t notice at all and just kept going :/

I guess he was trying to lighten up the mood so he did this stupid thing by acting like a ghost and scared Felicita. Σ(-`Д´-ノ;)ノ To top it off, he said that he didn’t expect Fel to be scared of ghosts because she’s really strong lol. Smooth, Liberta.

Before Fel’s knife flew, Liberta explained that he’s actually glad that she has a weakness like that because he himself has a lot of weakness. He mumbled that he’s also glad because that way he can protect her.

Awww…( ´∀`)

On the way they met with Nova. Insert usual Liberta vs. Nova bickering here. Nova told them they were too calm for going inside a mysterious ghost ship with no plan, but Liberta argued that it’s more tiring being nervous all the time. Putting that aside, Nova told them to follow him to the dining hall, since they haven’t eaten. Fel and Liberta were getting really suspicious because Nova is being unusually kind, but they followed him to the dining hall anyway.

After they ate the apples Nova gave them, all of the sudden they grew drowsy and fell unconscious. ‘Nova’ quickly grabbed Felicita and tried to run, but Liberta woke up  and gave chase. Fake Nova and Liberta battled in the hall, and the fake Nova turned back into Ash. Liberta asked Ash what he wanted from Felicita and Ash answered that it doesn’t really matter who, but Fel is the weakest and the most important among them. He smirked and said “Wasn’t it you that gave it away?” But then Ash shrugged them off saying it’s too troublesome and he’ll think of another way.

They chase him to the deck where the skeletons have started walking again and skeleton Joshua was among them. Joshua went after Fel, but Liberta protected her even though he got overpowered soon. Fel stepped in to protect him, but all of the sudden Joshua dropped the sword and murmured “So he still have his consciousness intact… It would be better if he keeps sleeping…”

Joshua then murmured Liberta’s name.

Liberta was puzzled, but they had no time to ask any question because the skeletons were closing in. They ran all the way to the dining hall and they were safe for now.

Liberta said he was really surprised when the fake Nova took her, and even when he remembers it now his heart still beats really fast.  (●´□`)♡ When Fel said thank you, he said no need for thanks. During times like this, he wants her to depend on him. (。-_-。 )人( 。-_-。) Aww ♡

They decided to turn in for the day. When Liberta mentioned the skeleton Fel got scared again, but Liberta cheered her up saying that if those scary guys turn up he’ll beat them up. After all, he’s Hero Liberta ^_^

Chapter 2

The second chapter began with Joshua remembering Kiara, his wife who has passed away. He also said that he never regretted leaving his family and marrying her. Enter HNNNNGGGGH Chibi Liberta. Kiara wished that the three of them could be together forever, but now that she passed away Joshua hoped that at least he could be together with chibi Liberta.

Well well well who could this mysterious man be? Never mind you probably already figured it out.

Liberta’s morning began with fighting over an apple with an owl. Like a boss.

After breakfast they went over yesterday’s events. Liberta was still pissed when he remember Ash yesterday and pondered if he’s the ship owner. The ship is weird in a lot of ways, like mists that appear out of nowhere and skeletons that walk around at night. He deducted that maybe the ship wasn’t like that before, because when Liberta first got on the ship there weren’t any skeleton.

Unfortunately deducting that took most of Liberta’s brain capacity and he overheated lol.

So instead of thinking things through like say, Nova or Jolly, Liberta prefers to just go around the ship and find things out for himself. Reading the ship map Fukurota found, Liberta was overjoyed that this is THE Vascello Fantasma from the sailor legends. During the day, it’s just a regular ship, but at night ghosts and skeletons roam the ship. When Fel got scared again, Liberta cheered her up telling her that the skeletons won’t appear during the day and if they do, Liberta will defeat them.

Liberta casually mentioned that the ship is big for a ghost ship, so maybe there’s somebody else that lives here other than Ash. They went in the captain’s room where Liberta noticed that the structure is quite different from the ships in Legaro. Liberta commented that the room was a bit dark and Joshua appeared when he was about to turn up the light.

Joshua apologized for surprising them and introduced himself as a passenger. Even though we now know that he *coughisLibertasfathercough* Joshua seems to not remember at all and asked their names. He seemed to mistake them as ‘new passengers’ in Vascello Fantasma, a ship that carries souls with lingering memories and regrets.

Fel went ahead and introduced herself to her future father in law and older brother. Joshua was a bit surprised when he heard Liberta’s name, but said nothing. All of them had fun talking together for a while, mostly about Liberta and his dream of sailing around the world.

When I saw Liberta and Joshua together I just feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Don’t you?

Felicita commented that Liberta looks really happy, and Liberta said that he’s happy someone shares the same love for the sea. Joshua noted that Fel and Liberta seem to get along really well. When he asked if they are lovers, Liberta blushed and got speechless. (´ ▽`).。o♡

While he was all dere dere, Felicita smiled and said that they are and Liberta was all(´ω`♡)Liberta added that Felicita is his lover and his important person.

Joshua smiled and said that looking at them remind him of the past. He also had a very important family, but his wife passed away and he was separated from his only son when he was still young. He then said that he can’t remember where his son was, his name, and his face, and also why they were separated. Even then, he still doesn’t want to give up. The reason he set sail on this ship was to meet his son again.


It was getting late so Liberta and Fel was about to leave. Joshua seemed disappointed, but Liberta told him that they’re coming again. Before they left, Joshua called them to come closer. As they did, he pat them on the head and gave them a blessing upon their journey.

I find this especially heart rendering especially since Joshua probably won’t be there for their wedding, and he didn’t know that Liberta is his son. (ノД`)・゜・。

Joshua prayed that they will find what they’re here for and return safely. After they left, Joshua wondered if his son would be around that age now.

On the deck Liberta told Fel that he’s happy talking to Joshua and he wanted to talk to him again. He wondered out loud why can he speak so comfortably with Joshua even though they just met. He then realized that Joshua is similar to Dante, although not in appearance LOL. He feels familiar, and nostalgic.

He hopes that Joshua can find his son, because it’s sad to not have your important person by your side. Felicita smiled and said that she’s by his side. (*・ω・) When Liberta held her hand, it reminded him of the arcana duello, how Felicita always gives him strength. He pulled her closer and said that he wants to feel her more ☆:*・゚(●´∀`●)ホェ:*・゚☆

“As I thought, I’m so glad you’re with me.”


Chapter 3

It was getting dark, and Liberta and Felicita is back in the ship. They’re going to go around once more and return to the dining hall, but Liberta found it weird that they haven’t met anyone from the family yet. Well, don’t worry about that since they run into the ultimate smexy party-pooper Jolly ☆⌒(*^∇ ゜)v

Jolly, being the jolly fellow that he is, immediately asked if they found the tarocco. Well I’m glad to see you too. His interest was piqued when Liberta mention meeting a ‘passenger’ on the ship. Jolly mentioned that he knew someone named Joshua, but then he changed his phrase to past tense, hinting the fact that Joshua has passed away.

The Joshua he remember was the man who left the Family, bearing the Justice arcana and wears an outfit like a noble. Oh, and he’s Mondo’s son. In other words, Liberta’s father.


Liberta found it hard to believe because Joshua seems young, but Jolly reminded him that considering the ship ‘special ability’ it’s not impossible. Joshua left the Arcana Famiglia and went missing ever since. Now the fact that Ash knew exactly where the tarroco was plus the fact that there’s a passenger called Joshua on that ship was a bit too much to be called a coincidence.

Lastly Jolly told him to never let Felicita use the Wheel of Fortune. After leaving them with enigmatic words like Jolly usually does, he left saying that there’s something he need to do in this ship.

Liberta was rightfully rattled by the new information. Felicita looked worried, so Liberta tried really hard to act like he’s okay. (´・ω・`)

They went inside a really messy room and split up to search for some clues. (insert Scooby Doo theme song here) It doesn’t matter which option you choose here, but if you choose right, you’ll get a scene where Liberta found a Penne Arabiata recipe book and try to smuggle it, if you choose left you’ll get a scene where Liberta and Fukurota fight over an apple again.

Liberta still find it hard to believe that Joshua is his dad. Age-wise it seems impossible that he’s Liberta’s dad, but then Liberta remembered what Jolly said about the ship’s specialty and what Dante said about how the ship is home to wandering spirits with lingering attachment to the world. Even then Liberta still find it hard to believe that Joshua is a ghost.

They couldn’t find anything useful and they were about to go back, just then Fukurota found a journal. Inside is just like a regular ship log, until the book said something about Joshua’s arrival on the ship.

Apparently the diary is written by Ash’s father, as the diary mentioned Joshua getting along with his son Ash. Joshua is different from other ghost because he can be visible during the day, that’s why he get to spend more time with Ash. Maybe it’s because of the tarocco.

The journal continued that maybe Ash reminded Joshua of his son, that’s why Joshua cared so much about him. Even if he couldn’t remember his son’s name, he remembers his father’s name.

His father’s name is Mondo.


It was a heavy blow for Liberta, because not only that he met his father, his father is no longer in this world…  (´・ω・`) Felicita suggested asking Joshua in person since he’s on this ship anyway. Liberta told her to wait at the dining hall where it’s safe, but Felicita still wanted to go with him even if she’s scared

When they went to the captain’s room though, what they found was not Joshua but the Justice arcana. After fighting him for a while, Felicita grabbed Liberta and ran away. As they were running away, Liberta thought that the clothes the skeleton is wearing is the same as Joshua’s…

Inside a safe room, Liberta said that it’s too bad they didn’t get to see Joshua, but then again it may be a good thing they didn’t meet because his heart is not settled yet. Liberta tried to cheer up but Fel knows that he’s still feeling down. That night when Felicita was sleeping, Liberta read the journal again.

He heaved a sigh and left the room.

He went to the deck to think. Suddenly Ash called out to him. Ash told Liberta that Joshua always talks about him, how he wanted to live with Liberta again. That’s impossible, but with Wheel of Fortune’s power it might be possible. Ash also confirmed Liberta suspicion that the skeleton that attacked them was Joshua.

Ash wanted Liberta to convince Fel to use the Wheel of Fortune. Once he’s ready, Joshua will be waiting in the captain’s room.

Liberta knows that using the Wheel of Fortune will cause Felicita to lose all of her memories, but he’s torn between his feelings for Joshua who wanted to meet his son again.

He smiled bitterly, “I… What am I confused about…?”

Chapter 4

That night, Liberta had a nightmare about Joshua. Joshua knew that he didn’t have much longer to live. He probably wouldn’t be able to keep his promise with Kiara to take care of Liberta. Even then, he promised Liberta to always watch over him as he grows up.

Felicita held him in his sleep and he fell asleep soundly. Felicita was relieved and fell asleep next to him.

When he woke up he was surprised to see Fel next to him and remembered that he had a nightmare, but in the middle it turned into a good dream with Fel in it. (*´ェ`*)キャァ

Liberta wondered that if Joshua was alive and he had lived with him, he wondered how different his life would be. Then he hurriedly added it doesn’t matter now that he has Dante and Felicita. Felicita thought he was acting strange but let it slide.

Felicita asked how come they’re not going to see Joshua, but Liberta said that they should find the tarocco first since he didn’t want to hear Jolly’s snarky remark again ^_^ The truth is, he didn’t want to see Joshua because he’s still torn between Joshua and Fel. They split up to search the deck again, all the while Liberta keeps thinking of what Ash said last night. He had so many things he want to ask Joshua.

He was so lost in thought he fell rolling down the stairs ‘_’ Felicita worriedly went after him, but he kept trying to act strong and wouldn’t tell her his worries. So Felicita used her arcana to read his heart. His heart is torn between wanting to save Joshua but not wanting to let Fel use the Wheel of Fortune. He kept thinking in circles but the answers wouldn’t come out. He thought that he definitely can’t let Felicita know about this.

Fel is angry because he wouldn’t talk to her, but Liberta keeps insisting that this is something he has to figure out himself and he didn’t want to trouble her. Suddenly he realized and asked if she had read his heart. With tears in her eyes she ran away to the deck, where Ash was lying in wait.

Liberta ran around the ship looking for her but couldn’t find her. He’s angry with himself because he couldn’t make up his mind and made Fel cry. Just then he heard someone’s voice from upstairs.

Meanwhile, Ash confronted Felicita. He basically told her the same thing he told Liberta last night. Her arcana can save Joshua and restore Liberta’s family. If she wants to see Joshua, he will show the way. Before she could answer, Liberta came between them and told Ash to back off because she won’t do it.

Felicita told them that she will go with Ash. Liberta wouldn’t accept it and used his arcana to push Ash back. He grabbed Felicita and made a run for it.

Felicita wanted to go with Ash because she didn’t want to see Liberta suffer anymore, but Liberta didn’t want a happiness by sacrificing Felicita. He asked why she would go that far for him, and she answered because he’s precious to her. (*-_ -*)
Liberta’s feeling flowed into her as he remembered that Felicita always do everything for his sake and he held her close. (///ω///)テレテレ♪

“Why are you always so stubborn? I can never win against you. I love you”

“That’s why I couldn’t imagine a life without you by my side.”

He wanted to live with Joshua, but more than that there’s something more that he couldn’t let go. He couldn’t be happy without Fel by his side. He thought too hard, and he should’ve known that with Felicita by his side it’s enough.

He wanted to go and apologize to Joshua because Fel is precious to him so he couldn’t hand her over to Joshua. On their way to the captain’s quarters they met with Ash who’s not so happy that things didn’t go according to plan. Be prepared for a co op duel with Liberta!

After winning the duel, Liberta told Ash about the price they have to pay to use the Wheel of Fortune. Apparently he didn’t know about that, he just wanted to help Joshua. Well he turned out to be a good guy after all 😀 Liberta thanked him for being there for Joshua. Liberta had Dante and Joshua had Ash.

Suddenly mist appeared and they found themselves surrounded by the skeletons.

Chapter 5

The amount is too much to handle with just the three of them, but they had no other choice. At one point Ash wanted to take down all the skeletons from one side but the amount was too much for him. Liberta came to help him and told him not to shoulder everything by himself and try to rely on other people. Ash was surprised because that’s the same thing Joshua told him before.

Suddenly a strong blast blew away the skeletons. That’s right, it’s…

DANTE AND HIS BAZOOKA! +。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。+゚If I’m stuck in a zombie apocalypse I definitely want to have him and his bazooka close by LOL.

Dante told them to leave the skeletons with him and go. Ash wanted to fight the skeletons as well. He gave the tarocco back to Liberta and told him to save Joshua.

When they met Joshua, Joshua seems to remember that Liberta is his son. He wanted to meet him to apologize because he broke his promise — his promise to watch over Liberta until he grows up. Joshua passed away because of his illness and couldn’t keep his promise.

Even so Liberta was glad to have met him, and Joshua is relieved that he didn’t hate him. With that Joshua should be able to move on to afterlife, but instead he writhed in pain as the Justice arcana took him over.

The Justice arcana wanted to return to the tarocco, but he couldn’t because his contractor, Joshua, still held onto his arcana even after he passed away because he hasn’t moved on. For that purpose, he needed the power of the Wheel of Fortune. Joshua who had turned into a skeleton is like a different persona altogether, but when Felicita read his heart, she can see that Liberta is still in there.

Felicita and Liberta decided to save him together by defeating the Justice arcana and free Joshua. Here comes your final duel!

With his arcana power, Liberta called upon a meteor but the Justica arcana managed to divert it with his own arcana power. Felicita took that opening and landed the finishing blow with Liberta.

Even after winning the fight, the Justice arcana refused to return to Joshua. Liberta grew worried that Joshua won’t return to normal, but Felicita encouraged him. He wouldn’t give up, but he still couldn’t find a way to turn him back.

Badass Jolly returned and told Liberta to use his power, because his arcana power lies in his words. Not just Jolly, all the family is not gathered in one place after defeating all the skeletons. Liberta and Felicita put their powers together and Joshua and Justice arcana separated.

Well that was easy ( ‘_’ )

After they successfully separated, Justice arcana returned to the card.

Prepare some tissues because it’s time for a tearful good bye. (ノД`)・゜・。

Joshua smiled, he said that he thought that that would be the last time he’d ever see Liberta but now he can talk to him like this. Liberta wanted to know more about his family, so he told him about Kiara, his mother. Kiara was a woman full of love. Liberta has always been loved. Especially now, Liberta is not alone. He has Dante, his friends, the Family, and of course the brave Felicita who’s always by his side.

Joshua told him to take good care of her, because nobody thought of him more than Felicita does. (;へ:)  Joshua then asked Felicita to take good care of Liberta, and laughed kindly when she said to leave it to her.

Ash wanted to say goodbye too but find it hard to interrupt LOL. Dante being the perpetual father figure told him to just go.

Joshua thanked Ash for everything. He thought of Ash as his own son, but he apologize for leaving him all alone. Ash told him not to worry about that because that bald ossan invited him to join the family. He hasn’t decided to go or not, but he wouldn’t be all alone in this ship again.

Finally it’s time for Joshua to go.

“To have met with my two sons, I’m blessed.”

Liberta smiled sadly and said, “I’ll see you later. Dad.”


Everything was quiet and serene after Joshua left. Liberta smiled as he said that he’s not sad because Joshua was smiling as he left. He thanks her for always being there, and he always want to be with her.

Ending 1 (Best Ending)

Liberta is writing the events that happened in Vascello Fantasma in his journal and Felicita came to see what he was doing. He said that he was glad everything happened, that he could meet his father and know that he’s loved. Even know, he’s sure that Joshua is watching over him. In fact he’s protected by a lot of people, by Dante, Joshua who’s far away, and of course Felicita that’s always by his side.

Liberta then tried to show Felicita his drawing of Joshua in his journal which exhibits an extraordinary artistic sense.

Felicita found it hard to see the resemblance so Liberta asked her to look closer. As she did though, their face came close. Blushing, Liberta said that he loves her and landed a kiss. ☆:*・゚(●´∀`●)ホェ:*・゚☆

Liberta was flustered. “Somehow… when I see your face… just naturally. N-Not really naturally. It’s b-because you’re cute. So I thought I wanted to be closer to you. When I came closer I could hear your heart beats faster and that made me happy. I don’t have the Lovers arcana ability to read your feelings, so I wanted to get closer to you… Get closer and know more about your feelings.”

When Felicita said she wanted to be closer too, Liberta gave her another kiss.

Ah. Happiness.

Ending 2 (Good Ending)

Liberta was telling the kids in the marketplace about his heroic exploits in Vascello Fantasma. He fought against a skeleton wearing clothes, but the skeleton real identity is a kind man that loved his son so much. They freed him from the skeleton curse and he’s now in a better place.

Felicita came to pick up Liberta for their date. Liberta told her that he wanted to tell them more stories about Joshua because he wants him to linger in people’s heart too, that way Joshua can always be remembered.

Liberta thanked her again for everything that happened in the ghost ship. Felicita is always there to help him and support him when he’s down, and the more he spends time with her the more he falls in love *^_^* Just when things were getting good, Ash came to interrupt. Nova was there too.

Apparently, a huge group of kids gathered near the harbor. Nova received a report that “the kids that heard Hero Liberta’s story swarmed around the large ship docked in the harbor. Please do something.” (●´艸`)フ゛ハッ

In other words, it’s all Liberta’s fault LOLOLOL.

Ash and Nova was about to bring him in, but Liberta grabbed Fel and ran away shouting that he’s going to talk to the kids.

Ending 3 (Normal Ending)

Liberta ran into Fel and Ruka patrolling. When Liberta saw Felicita he was incredibly flustered he couldn’t look her in the face. Felicita tried to look him in the eye but he got so flustered he run away. (*´∀`*)ホケェ So cute! Ruka wondered out loud what’s wrong with him, and Dante showed up and told them he’s been like that since the ghost ship incident.

Dante called Ruka closer and told him apparently because in the ghost ship Liberta was always together with Felicita, now he’s too self-conscious and nervous to get closer to Felicita.

Somehow whenever Liberta see Felicita’s face he becomes light-headed. He couldn’t think of anything and he would get really embarassed. (*´∀`*)ホケェ So pure! So innocent!

Anyway when he’s kicking himself in the rear for being spineless Debito walked in. Apparently he heard everything from Ruka and he’s now here to ‘help’. He told Liberta that he knows he’s nervous, but Felicita is nervous as well and his action is making her insecure. If that happens Debito will be there to eat her in a huff lol.

So Debito, being a nice nii-san that he is, told Liberta of a good way to get over his embarrassment. He told him to practice with Felicita’s stone statue in the mansion court. Apparently Liberta has been avoiding the stone statue since the time he got a bloody nose looking up the skirt of the statue xD. Liberta being simple-minded and all, thought this was a good idea and went to try it out. Debito smirked and said that it’s time to go to Nova’s place.

Witness, a boy so pure that he had to practice confessing to a stone statue.

When Liberta was having a tender moment (with a statue) Nova rushed in a panic. Apparently he got a report that in the court there’s a pervert that whispers love to a stone statue and asked Liberta if he had seen someone suspicious around there. (≧∇≦)ノ彡 バンバン! Nova then dragged him to find that weirdo.

Liberta, you just got pwned 😀



This-This is such a good story. I mean putting aside that Liberta’s dad and Felicita’s half older brother is the same person, Liberta and Felicita is so cute together. Liberta had a harsh childhood before he met Dante, but I’m glad that with this chapter they tied the loose ends with Liberta’s parents. Kiara was never shown in the series, nor Mondo’s previous wife but I suppose they didn’t want to flood the series with too much back story.



  1. Thank you~ Perfectly in time for my weekend in Regalo ♥

    1. Enjoy your weekend :3 I’m writing Ash’s route right now so it should be up this weekend.

      1. Cute route. Can’t really get tired of Liberta’s pureness~ (Oh lord… ED 3 was -as always- so cute and funny XD ~and glad to see Luca, I missed him~ Just how innocent can you get, Libeta ?)
        Goodbyes with Joshua were too sad… got me all teary D: Dammit. And the music… stupid music…
        Overall, it was pretty enjoyable but, damn, it was short. Glad to have all these little bonuses to go through but still. I. NEED. MOAR.

        Well, off to spend some time with Ash now ♥

        Note : The credit scene was cute. I reloaded a few time to get all the possible scenes :3 BUT, I wanted some character songs ! I feel so… CHARACTER SONG DEPRIVED ! Means I won’t hear Luca’s not so skillful-yet-so-cute singing voice. Ahhh~

        Thanks again !

  2. Loved, loved, loved, makes one with Debito ? ? ?
      Does it have English, or just Japanese?
    Excuse me if my english is bad …. It is that I am Brazilian and almost never use ;-;

    1. Thank you 🙂 It’s only Japanese, although I’m looking at the possibility of translating it one day. Maybe.

      I’m still not sure if I want to do Ruka or Debito first, but I guess both are fine.

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