Arcana Famiglia Vascello Fantasma Prologue

This is the game that actually made me want to start this blog in the first place. Let me begin by saying I freaking love Arcana Famiglia. I played a bunch of Otome game in my lifetime and even though I have to say I’m not even nearly as good or discerning as other otoge gamers and bloggers out there I can say that Arcana Famiglia franchise is genius. Seriously.

I mean yes, the premise of the whole ‘mafia family’ thing is totally riding the Katekyo Hitman bandwagon, and I had a pretty low expectation at first. But when I started playing the first Arcana Famiglia, it shot up to my top three list of otome game, next to Tokimemo Girl’s Side franchise and Brothers Conflict.

First off the premise of otome game x shonen manga itself is genius. The atmosphere is beautiful. The music is super mega awesome. The artwork is so incredibly pretty. The characters are all thoroughly likable. The comedy is carried out tastefully. THe voice acting is superb. The story is (somewhat) believable. What more do you want from an otome game?

So I was thoroughly overjoyed when I found out about the sequel and the anime (that’s already out right now!!! My heart almost exploded in sheer joy and happiness) and decided to make this blog as an outlet of undying love.

Vascello Fantasma

The story of Vascello Fantasma starts after the end of Arcana Duello ending. Vascello Fantasma will load the save from your first Arcana game and unlock special contents if you finished the route for that character. In my case, I finished all but Nova. LOL I was getting around to that but never found the motivation I guess. Anyway in this game, you will start as lovers with whoever route you choose except Ash.

After the introduction of Legaro and the events that happens in the first game, came the super awesome opening movie accompanied by Harada Hitomi’s awesome song Requiem.

In any event, the story opens with the usual scene of the family having lunch together when Liberta brought up the topic of Vascello Fantasma. Dante explains that VF is a ghost ship, and Liberta added that every sailor knows the story of VF that appears in the midst of thick fogs. Nova jumped in with a snarky remark, but Luka added that lately that ship has been sighted near Legaro. Dante and Jolly decided to heightens the security by having the serie taking turns to patrol the manor.

A week of peace follows, but as Felicita and Ruka was about to change shift with Pace’s serie, they heard a loud explosion. Everybody was immediately alerted including our very own Ojou. They found the intruder in Mondo’s study and despite Ruka’s warning, Fel immediately sprung into action. However, in a totally un-arcana-duello-champion-like manner, Fel was completely overcame and got taken as hostage :/

The intruder, a white haired alchemist named Ash took a box containing the Tarocco. He said that tarocco originally belongs to him anyway and he’s just getting it back. As backup comes flowing into the room, Ash knocked Fel unconscious and fled through the window.

He was ambushed by Debito and Pace, but managed to flee to the court. In there he transformed into a white tiger by looking at his own reflection on the sword and fled the manor. Before he left, Ruka managed to put Ariadne String (from the myth Ariadne and Theseus) on Felicita to track her down.

Later that night, the major arcanas held a meeting with Mondo to report the incident and decide on the steps to take. They found that Ariadne String is heading towards a reported suspicious ship off the coast of Regalo. That ship is always covered by fog even though fog never supposed to appear in that area. Mondo gave the command for the major arcana to move out. His daughter life and their lives is priority. If they can’t re-obtain the Tarocco, they may sink it in the sea because the Tarocco must not leave Legaro. Lastly, to capture Ash alive if possible.

The Magician

Debito, Ruka and Pace gave pursuit through the forest with Ruka crying out “Ojou-sama, Ojou-sama” ヽ(´□`。)ノ LOL. They finally found the ship docked covered by fog. In the meantime, Ash and Fel arrived at the ship and Ash changed back by eating an apple ( ‘_’ ) Oh well, why not? He set sail and then left the unconscious Fel on the deck and went to meet Joshua in the captain’s room.

Mini Seiyuu Fangirl moment: UEDA YUUJI!!!!!!!!! KYAAA KYAA KYAAA ヽ(;▽;)ノ I’m so happy to hear his voice again!! He’s one of the most underrated seiyuu in my opinion because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE his voice to bits and he should be more popular than this. His voice has a laid back, kind, easy-going quality that is very particular to him. I’ve been in love with his voice ever since I heard him in Kiyosho and I only fell even more in love with him when I heard him in TMGS 2nd kiss as Masaki. (‘∀’●)♡ Uuugh… I’m so sad I don’t see more of him in otome games T_T Even in AF his role is so sad…

Ash gave the box to Joshua who told him to burn the box. Because the tarocco is made with alchemy, it’s not going to burn. The tarocco is now out of the box, and Joshua mentioned in a passing if Ash wanted to form a contract with the tarocco.

Tarocco chooses where it dwells, so it’s like a game of luck. The same with the danger and the power that one obtain when one makes a contract with tarocco. Ash asked if the stigmata on Joshua’s left wrist is a sign of the contract as well, and Joshua affirms that and said he bears the Justice arcana.

Well Ash thought that since the tarocco is his anyway there’s no way the arcana will reject him. As he drip his blood to the arcana, he was overcame with a burning sensation and incredible pain as the stigmata appeared on his throat. He was chosen by the arcana The Magician.

Before he manage to recover, Joshua’s condition turned strange when he touched the tarocco. A reverse Justice tarot card appeared and Joshua is overtaken by the Justice tarocco and turned into a skeleton. At the same moment, skeletons start walking around the ship deck which never happened before. Ash remembered Felicita whom he left on the deck and went to save her. As he left, the Justice skeleton murmurs that as he thought, he needs the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ arcana.

Ash saved Fel before she got attacked by the skeleton. He woke her up rather unkindly to asked her about the tarocco. Fel of course is not ready to give in and was about to be knocked unconscious again before Jolly stood in front of her with a barrier
(。♥∀♥。) My hero! The other six major arcana also appeared at the same time to protect Fel.

Later he asked them “Among you, who is the weakest and the most important person?” and Liberta unconsciously looked at Felicita, giving her away. Ash laughed saying he knew it, and he’s done here so he’s gonna pull back and re-strategy. Just as Liberta was about to give chase, the skeletons start moving again. Liberta told Nova to just send everybody on the ship to sleep with his powers. Suddenly thick fog encompass the deck and nobody can see anything. As the skeleton Justice approaches, the route now branches so you can choose any character from the major arcana. Ash will only be playable on your second playthrough, but all the routes are pretty short so you should be able to go through it right away.


Kind of long for my first post. ( ‘_’ ) Oh well

Anyway that was the prologue to Vascello Fantasma. So far I’ve done all the routes except Ruka and Nova, so I’ll post a post about the route in a bit.

The way I did my routes:
Dante (YES, I love Dante. Any problem with that?) → Liberta → Ash → Debito → Jolly → Pace → Ruka → Nova

How I think you should do your routes:
Liberta → Ash → Dante → Jolly Ruka → Pace → Debito → Nova

Most of the “main” storyline happens in Liberta and Ash routes, other route tbh is not as comprehensive. It’s almost as if you’re expected to do the other routes before, so the other stories have some gaping plot holes especially regarding Liberta and Joshua. I did Dante first because I wasn’t satisfied because there’s not enough rabu-rabu in the first AF, but this one is almost nearly as bad. Oh well, I still love that hage ossan :3 I didn’t really get the story as much, but when I did Liberta route after everything seemed to make sense.

With that, let’s move on to the character routes ヾ(´▽`;)ゝ Let’s go!



  1. Oh, thanks for posting this! I’m interested in the rest of the routes ^^ I hope to see more posts~
    I’ve read other blogs/postings of this first part and I have to say that I really like how detailed you write it, and the lovely pictures ^^

    1. Thank you for your support :3 I’ve finished all the routes because they’re all pretty short, but I’ve gone back and I’m playing TMGS 3 right now. The routes should be up pretty soon.

  2. Ohhh. I’m so glad I manage to find your blog ! Just started ‘Vascello Fantasma’ and I kinda needed a suport translation as my Japanese level is too weak to understand clearly what is going on.
    Thank you and please update soon with everyone’s route~

    1. Thanks, I’m redoing Liberta’s route right now so it should be up soon. I know I keep saying that *sheepish grin* but it’s coming I promise. Is there a route that you want me to do first while you’re playing?

      1. Well, choosing your first is always problematic (at least for me it is). I want to do Luca sooooooo baaaaaaad BUT ! I want to keep him last (I’m that kind of girl…) So then I wonder… Who would I want to do first. Choosing a guy I don’t really care for isn’t that exciting either… So maybe my #2 ? I really liked Liberta… he was cute and refreshing, and look it’s the one you suggested to do first. So~ Liberta it shall be 🙂

      2. Realized I might have miss-answered this… sorry just pulled an all-nighter on ArFa, the first 😛
        These reviews/translations (I don’t know how to call them) of yours I’d want to see most are probably Luca’s, Ash’s (I’m really curious about him… I like his looks, his voice -mister perfect Usui-kun ! and Eiji !), and Liberta’s 🙂
        Ganbatte~ ♥

  3. Where did you get the game? *o*

    1. Try googling it and you’ll find it… If you’re not familiar with that, you should buy it from play-asia.

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