Arcana Famiglia Vascello Fantasma System

Before I go into the routes, let’s talk a little bit about the system.

The game progress is similar to the first game, only instead of a day-to-day interaction basis like the first game, you get to choose whose route you want to play from the beginning. As you choose the character, you’ll be given two sides, Vascello Fantasma Side and Legaro Side.

You have 5 chapters for VF, 1 bonus chapter, and 3 endings. The ending requirements are simple: Amore > 700, Amore > 400, or Amore < 400.

The bonus chapter will unlock as long as you get any of the ending, and it contains Mondo and Sumire putting your guy on trial for something he did during the VF route ^_^ You get to choose who is guilty and you can choose the punishment too.

In the Legaro Side, you have 3 chapters that will unlock as you get the 3 endings in VF. If you have finished the ending of that character in the first game, you will also get a Memories chapter where the respective character will summarize the story that happens in his route on the first game.

There’s also an Arcana Roulette wheel where you spin the wheel for a chance to get 4 extra short (often hilarious) events and unlock some of the manga panels. I highly recommend finishing the original game first before playing this.

Overall the game is pretty short, and if you focus you can probably finish each route in two hours. (´ー`)I was actually pretty surprised at how short it is. I mean, the original AF story spans over two months, but VF arc only covers 3 days so I guess that’s to be expected.

Oh, and the usual manga-style panel and narrating is still there of course (︶ω︶)


Gameplay is very similar to the first game where each option you give have a chance to increase or lower the amore points for your boyfriend. The only difference is that now when you got the buttons right for the duello part, you will also gain amore points. If you missed it, you will lose points.

Also there are more chances for affections to go down. In the first game, out of three options one will give you 25 amore, 10 amore or no amore, but in VF there’s actually many chance of either not getting amore or losing amore. This system actually helps you to get all of the endings without going back too far. When you got the 1st ED, just redo chapter 5 and this time lose the duello. Every missed hit in the duello makes your amore goes down quite a lot (like 50 I think).


In the main title (not in the special) you’ll get 8 special episodes.
1st episode will unlock once you finished Liberta, Nova, and Ash’ routes.
2nd episode will unlock once you finished Debito, Pace and Ruka’s route.
3rd episode will unlock once you finished Dante and Jolly’s route.
4th episode will unlock once you unlocked all the punishment episodes (all punishment episodes will unlock after the respective episode)


There are 8 CG slots for every character, but don’t rejoice just yet. Some of the CG slots are reserved for the same CG only zoomed in 😐 Granted the CG are really pretty up close, especially Jolly and Debito  (●´□`)♡ but I still feel like it’s not enough. There’s about a total of 3-4 new CGs for each character. The CGs are automatic, I don’t think you can miss any of them.


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